Albert Wimmer : Floridsdorf Clinic


Floridsdorf Clinic – Vienna North Hospital     

Location & Year

Vienna, Austria  2018


180,000  m2


Magistrate of the City of Vienna – Vienna Hospital Association (KAV)



Wellness and health quarter

With the realization of the Floridsdorf Clinic, a feel-good hospital was created, fully meeting the requirements of the 21st century. It combines all kinds of innovations from medicine, patient care to technology and architecture. The project is characterized, above all, by its focus on the needs of the patients: the preservation of dignity, individuality and personality.


Innovations in patient care

  • Emergency center: central, interdisciplinary contact point
  • Appointment outpatient clinics: more planning security, short waiting times
  • Operating center with centralized surgery management
  • Day Clinic Surgery: independent ward with multidisciplinary occupancy
  • Intensive care center: common intensive care and monitoring units
  • Occupancy management: for optimal use of bed contingents
  • Ward management: organizes admission, discharge, rounds and daily routine
  • Healing garden: two thirds o the total area is green space
  • „Mobile cabinet“: innovative mobile container that accompanies patients
  • Digital hospital: end-to-end IT support for the patient treatment process

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The patient comes first

The entire planning of the acute-hospital is geared to the quality of the procedures and places the patient at the center of all considerations. This has led to the development of
several new organizational concepts, such as the emergencycenter, out-patient clinics as well as the surgical and intensive-care centers.

The forward-looking concept of the design, which focuses on daylight for everyone, allows the feel-good character to be given a particularly high priority. The Floridsdorf Clinic
combines the advantages of the pavilion type with those of the central hospital. The modular expandability sets a sustainable standard over many years.

Coming from Brünner Straße, the first thing you reach is a spacious piazza with a high residential value, a Piazza which is bordered by the two building-sections „Mars“ and „Venus“ and the supply wing to the north. Comparable in dimension to the Rathausplatz in Vienna, this square, which measures approximately 40 x 130 meters, became a new public address on Brünner Strasse. The piazza invites visitors to linger and relax and offers direct access to the hospital and complementary facilities such as the kindergarten and the event center.

The umbrella-shaped roofing protects against the weather and sets an important landmark in terms of urban development. The urban piazza represents the interface to the surroundings, it functions as a lively center to the neighborhood – a generous urban square as a welcome gesture.


High tech meets high touch – Smart Hospital

The quarter is structured horizontally and vertically into three areas. The northern bar with the supply facilities and parking decks, the core hospital and the park run from north to south. On the vertical plane, the high-frequency areas such as out-patient clinics and intensive care are located at ground-level, whereas the promenade deck with the sun-terraces and, above it, the low-frequency-areas of the bed-wings are situated in the middle.

Single and double rooms only define the high standard of the wards. Light-flooded atriums, roof-gardens and extensive green spaces make the hospital a feel-good oasis for patients and staff.

The „Healing Environment“ design is continued in the patients‘ rooms. These are decorated with light natural materials and color accents in the curtains and in furniture. A special feature is the „window-bed“, which, with it´s bay-window design, offers the convenience of a window sill, which is available to patients and their relatives as a private retreat. The mobile wardrobe, which was developed especially for the hospital, underlines the orientation towards the needs of the patients. Personal belongings and the clothing of the patients are stored in this mobile cabinet. It can be locked with a chip and remains with the patients during their entire stay at the hospital, even if they are transferred to another ward.


Mobile cabinet

The mobile cabinet, which was specially developed for the hospital, underlines the orientation towards the needs of the patients. Their personal items and clothing are kept in this mobile cupboard. It can be locked with a chip and remains with the patient during the entire hospital stay, even if the patient is moved to other wards.


Healing garden

The 47,000 m² landscape park is an essential part of the holistiv overall concept and serves therapeutic purposes, such as the relearning of certain motor skills. The park unites the ideas of well-being, healing, growth and recovery. The reduction of stress, the support of the desire for self-control, the possibility to retreat, the chosen isolation are essential demands on free space. The differentiated design creates positive distraction and inspiring impressions also from the inside of the hospital. The cycle of nature is perceived as beneficial and has a calming effect.