Thomas Vonier, president of UIA


Time for solutions . . .


Architects have a great advantage: not only do we create new solutions to meet challenges and improve human lives, but we can also communicate new ideas and designs in ways that allow other people to “see” them.


These are powerful gifts when it comes to the epic challenges facing our planet, on top of the unrelenting global climate crisis.  Architecture can help to improve public health, overcome human prejudices, and propel equitable economic activity—in short, architecture can help to achieve the UN goals for sustainable development.


Our aim as a profession is to create examples all over the world that make significant changes to how we design and build—to conserve resources and to use technology that is appropriate in terms of climate, geography, economy, culture and history.


We understand that we have problems; now, it is time to focus squarely on solutions.


Now, we need to address climate, environmental and social challenges based on ideals that will yield a better world: tolerance for others; a sense of common purpose across all boundaries; a determination to achieve adequate living conditions for everyone; and the resolve to develop and apply appropriate technology for human needs.


Thank you, Prague Architecture Week, for taking the initiative to exhibit innovative, path-finding work from all around the world, more of which are available through the UIA Commission on Sustainable Development (


Wishing a brighter urban future to all,



Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA

President, UIA / International Union of Architects