Udržitelný svět


The international festival of architecture and urbanism Architecture Week Prague 2020 is proud to present Udržitelný svět, a multimedia exhibition that aims to show how contemporary architecture and design can proactively help to reach global sustainability goals. This is achieved by learning about the state of several global indicators such as Food Distribution, Health, Education, Water Management, Clean Energy, Technology, Sustainable Cities, Climate Change, Oceans and the Natural Environment, and linking them to relevant architectural projects.

Sustainable World presents diverse designs from studios and architects from every corner of the world and explain how they were conceived to be sustainable and impact their environment in a positive way. The international exhibition consists of videos, images and information of architectural projects under each of the Sustainable Development Goals, meant to inspire and educate the public in concrete actions that everyone can take to achieve sustainability in our cities, communities and neighborhoods.


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We have invited several of the most forward-thinking architectural practices in the world to share their latest and most innovative projects, inspired and informed by sustainability values, as a way to start a dialogue between public, officials and architects around construction, one of the most creative enterprises of humankind but also one of the most taxing on the environment. You can explore and discover these projects at Mánes Exhibition Hall in Prague and also online here, as a way to break barriers and limitations imposed by the current global situation. Architecture Week is honored to present:


 Çukurova Regional Airport Complex +One Tower SCION Timber Research Institute RePlant - Waste-to-energy plant concept Vertical farming complex House in Gaüsses Walloon Branch of Reproduction Forestry Materials Ayb Middle School Glasir - Modular vertical urban farms Shenzhen Bay Culture Park Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve Headquarters Superfarm Vertical Farm Floridsdorf Clinic - Vienna North Hospital Natura Garden, La Mexicana Park and Xochimilco Ecological Park Vertical Forest Milano Nong Fab LNG Terminal Makoko Floating School Early Learning Village