Holy Mass for the relationship between Prague and Vienna

The celebration of a Holy Mass for Prague and Vienna is a highlight amongst the events for Czech-Austrian cultural relations, symbolizing the deep historical and religious bond between both countries. This event expresses a shared heritage and mutual recognition that transcends national borders and unites two nations in spiritual brotherhood. It leads the program as a reminder of common historical values, hopes, and promises for the future, where religious and cultural relations between the Czech Republic and Austria will continue to play a crucial role in the European context.


Date: Sunday, October 6, 2024, at 17:00
Venue: Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Křižovnické nám. 3, 110 00 Staré Město
Organizer: Czech Architecture Week, Order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star Under the patronage of the Archbishop of Prague and the Primate of the Czech Republic, Jan Graubner