Multimedia exhibition Udržitelný svět: the power of a green world

Architecture Week welcomes you to Udržitelný svět, a multimedia tour around the world of sustainable architecture.

It is now general knowledge that every area of human activity creates consequences for the environment, the social well-being of nations, economic stability, culture, peace and progress. This awareness must permeate every sector of society, every community and city all around the world, if humanity is to survive and help the planet regain its balance.

The exhibition Udržitelný svět aims to show how international contemporary architecture can proactively help to achieve global sustainability goals by learning about the state of several global indicators such as Food Distribution, Health, Education, Water Management, Clean Energy, Technology, Sustainable Cities, Climate Change, Oceans and the Natural Environment and linking them to relevant architectural projects.

Udržitelný svět presents diverse designs from studios and architects from every corner of the world and explain how they were conceived to be sustainable and impact their environment in a positive way.  Udržitelný svět is presented within the main Architecture Week exhibition Sustainable Prague with the help of videos of architectural projects related to each of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, meant to inspire and educate the public in concrete actions that everyone can take to reach sustainability in our cities, communities and neighborhoods.

Click to visit the Udržitelný svět website