Representation of Wallonia – Brussels

Pascale Delcomminette, assistent managing director of the Wallonie-Bruxelles-International organisation (Belgium, 03/06/2014)

Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) is a country, where architecture of considerable potential is growing, and where architects use a variety of methods interconnecting technical ingenuity and creativity with a highly developed sense for integration into the given environment. These are typical features of both small built-up areas as well larger spaces.

In Wallonia and in Brussels, where special attention is paid to architecture, there are growing offices, shopping areas, technological parks, research and development centers, stations, bridges, airports… and, of course, museums, theaters, residential buildings, sports facilities, schools, as well as nurseries. Several of these buildings were rewarded with prestigious architectural awards.
In addition to architects already having their good reputation in Belgian architecture, a very rich and innovative architectural production has developed and new offices of young architects have appeared over the last ten years in Wallonia and in Brussels. In this context, the role of public authorities is very important. They are responsible for political management of architecture and urbanism. During these last ten years, the public contracts have focused on courageous and uniquely contemporary projects.
Architects of Wallonia and Brussels can boast a great deal of talent and creativity. For their support in the international arena, the agency Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures (WBA –, an affiliate organization of Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) and the Ministry of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, was established in 2010. The WBA also works closely with Belgian regional agencies of foreign trade: the Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment (AWEX) and Bruxelles Invest & Export.

In the international arena, WBA supports promotion and economic development of architects of Wallonia and Brussels. Its mission is to spread the know-how of Brussels and Walloon architects abroad, and to assist them in the steps essential to their activities there.

Opening up to foreign market is substantially a necessity. This is especially true for the field of architecture, which belongs to the realm of both classic and cultural economy.

This year, the WBA participates in the Architecture Week exhibition, which has after a few years returned to Mánes spaces, and where Green City of 2100 by Luc Schuiten will be presented.

Green City represents the nature that regains its rights of existence in the urban space. In his imagination, the Brussels visionary architect Luc Schuiten creates a new place for living, based on the observation of complete ecosystems. From various futuristic perspectives, evolving over time, a consistent imaginary and poetic world is gradually growing.
Luc Schuiten comes with various solutions for public and individual transport in the future, for housing he immediately has realizable shapes inspired by the living nature, and he is dealing with the future of Lyon, Brussels and Sao-Paolo within the period by the year 2100. These visions of positive future are created as a part of the new relationship between a man and his natural environment

Representation of Wallonia – Brussels

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