Dan Ťok: Speed not only on the road

Dear visitors of Organic City,

When speaking of transport projects at our Ministry of Transport, the speed of their completion is what usually comes
into focus. Our objective is the shortest possible schedule for building or reconstructing the highways, roads, railway
corridors, or lock chambers. Their design is discussed only as a second issue.
This is not entirely a question of engineering pragmatism, but rather a reflection of the actual deficit of transport
infrastructure in our country, which is still holding us back in comparison with other countries. The outage of previous
years and outstanding problems with complicated bureaucracy are still here. To move towards successful and rich
countries, we must change this situation.

Nevertheless, under this pressure exerted on the speed of constructing, I esteem the abilities of architects and
designers to integrate elegant elements into the projects, rising them above the averageness, while not slowing
their construction down. I appreciate the ideas that present a smart transport solution, and yet are charming. Even
if simply, discreetly.

Beautiful transport constructions do not constitute a dominant majority of the award-winning architecture. They
only rarely threaten the projects, for the preparation of which there is enough time to think over the details. Still,
they can surprise by how one and the same thing can be done differently.

I wish you an inspiring visit of this exhibition of contemporary transport constructions, which are found appealing
by many people.

Ing. Dan Ťok

Minister of Transport




Ministerstvo dopravy ČR / Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1222/12

110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město

Česká republika / Czech Republic


Zdroj: redakce AW, Organické město 2016