From the times of Covid to Green Architecture

One beautiful June day in the streets of Prague. When everything blooms under the sun, and we are able to walk freely and without restrictions to visit an exhibition about the future of the green city of Prague.

This will likely be the atmosphere accompanying you on your way to the Udržitelná Praha exhibition, which will take place from June 10 to 30 in the Mánes Exhibition Hall in Prague 1. The organizers of the exhibition cannot predict whether the birds will sing more or less, but it is certain that they will offer you an experience that will pleasantly and in many ways surprise you. Naturally. And not only that, of course.

If you don’t go into nature that often, then your first impression will be of getting lost in the middle of a botanical garden or a deep forest, with all the colors and scents proper of such a place. Everything is alive and harmonious, insects included. However, our goal is not to imitate forest stands and flowering savannas, but to create a perfect frame for exhibiting Green Architecture. The exhibition has the ambitious goal of showing the issues, and the ways in which sustainable development of Prague and its districts can be achieved, while also showing the latest projects of well-known architectural offices. Architecture plays and will keep playing a key role in this development, affecting every aspect of city life.

Naturally, we did not forget about our Playful Architect project, in which children from several schools will once again participate after a long break period due to the pandemic.

The principle is a relatively simple idea – to bring more of nature into the life of our city. The organizers focus on all the projects filling Prague with green areas, sustainable architecture and inspiring innovations to preserve the natural resources of the capital. They are examples of real-life solutions that will become a part of the life of Prague citizens everywhere.

Come in. Nature awaits. Admission is free for all.