“Across heaven and earth, we are in search of an architecture that resounds within the inner cosmos of the heart. Our aim is to create architecture that consists of our own architectural languages and the aspects of spaces based on regional traditions all over the world.

“My architectural philosophy for designing either a small house or a full town is ‘a dialogue with the mind and

respect for the human being’ and ‘having a close connection between an individual and the cultural context and community involved’.”

Takasaki Masaharu

Architectures exist in a flow of time that links the present to the past and to the future, that has a tempo-spatial quality. They have a historical and social role, and should exist symbolically at this present time, and propose to also embody the new value of the future. Hence, we must comprehend the direction towards the future. The past is not just a relic from another age but the manifestation of those who lived before. Considering the ideological and religious backgrounds of the past, I insist that if they are used in developing the future in the present time, both past and future will be fused to become life.

My own rule is the collaboration between ‘the intrinsic idea’ of nature and the architectural idea. It is not to neutralize the power of nature with the stronger energy of architecture, but to create an organic relationship between humans and nature by interacting with the surrounding natural environment.








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