Sometimes, an artist’s first work heralds the rest of his or her career. In the case of Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux, their Villefranche-sur-Saône housing programme certainly established a point of reference in their career, one that crystallised their vision of the articulation between indoors and outdoors, form and function, private and public.

Since this career-defining project was delivered in 2009, they have used their designs to express their reflections on usage – one of the reasons why all of their buildings suggest a sense of empathy, for residents as well as neighbours.

Each project is singular, but, leaving aside the specific context of each site, the diversity of approaches they develop is first and foremost the result of a thorough, yet continuous thought process. Cédric Petitdidier and Vincent Prioux are architects who favour method over recipes.

Driven by a creative mindset, they have developed an anti-dogmatic attitude towards concepts and values, knowing full well that there are many ways to implement them for any given result. Their work is not about building; it is about planning.



Redakce AW 2018

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