Jaume Pla Liñan


Jaume Pla Liñan

Jaume Pla Liñan, Architect and designer with an international projection. Projects in Spain and France. Collaborations and workshops with the University Southern California (USC), National University of Singapore (NUS), Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), University of Belgrade, Girne American University and AIA Continental Europe. Different lighting awards granted in the city of Barcelona.

Architect who proposes spaces where the feeling and the mood of their visitor is the main factor to take into account to create the architectural space.

The space can be created for a specific use or it can be designed for a multipurpose use. But all of them have to be thought to guarantee a comfortable space for the use and the user.

The human being lives surrounded by architecture in every moment of his life, for this reason, JPLarchitect wants to create spaces where the relation of feeling-use-space is the most important. Where the user and the architectural space are never forgotten.


Redakce AW 2018


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