With our team, every new project begins with a search for the most direct solution to the brief, the actual task: what are the client’s needs and desires, from a pragmatic perspective in relation to its multiple contexts. Such a solution can be formulated without regard to architectural form. It is only when the program is solved that work on the architectural design, the architect’s actual craftsmanship, commences. The building’s internal logic and potential is developed using the operative elements. Intuition and pragmatism interact with a desire for a certain expressivity and architectural clarity, which can often generate new and unexpected solutions. This is when it is determined whether a good idea will also be turned into strong architecture. This vision of clarity we bring to a current engagement when being a part of making the new Smíchov city district a vibrant and attractive part of Prague. Our interest and curiosity in the city of Prague give us a great and enjoyable opportunity for investigating the rich history, its architecture, culture and cityscape.


Redakce AW 2018