Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes / Video

Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes


An architect, graduate from Architecture at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. In 1996 he received the certificate of New Jersey Institute of Technology. A leader and a founder of KWK Promes architecture studio established in 1999.


Konieczny is seen as a conceptualist, because in his work the most important thing is an idea, strong concept, which leads to choose a specific solution. This method of work, and release from one’s own tastes and habits allows you to go into the unknown and often results in surprising and innovative solutions. Over the years there are common threads in his projects – it’s design paths. Every one of them has some specific motif, and at the same time it is evolving into new solutions. Previous experiences are never rejected, but each project is created with the ambition of creating something new. Among realisations there are projects in a various scale – both private houses and public buildings.






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