Karla Šlechtová: New Impuls

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the tenth anniversary “Architecture Week”, an international festival of architecture and urban design,
held this year on a particularly interesting theme of “An Organic City – City Designers and Creators and Sustainable
Development”. For several following days the magnificent Mánes exhibition hall in Prague is going to host discussions
about stretching the boundaries for building stable and liveable cities.

As the theme itself suggests, the objective of the festival and its accompanying exhibition entitled “An Organic
City” is to acquaint both the Czech and international audience with the new impulses of timeless projects, coming
from the Czech Republic and abroad and focusing on the concept of organic cities. Visitors can look forward to most
interesting projects in architecture, transport, and territorial development which represent a city as a living organism
comprising numerous interconnected functional systems. These have a multifaceted impact on the economic, social
and urban development.

Throughout the year there have been numerous international exhibitions, lectures and seminars aiming at
establishing a communication platform across the general and professional public. I appreciated that the topic was
also voiced during the European Habitat conference held in March in Prague by the Ministry of Regional Development
in cooperation with the United Nations Organization. The conference theme was “Housing in Liveable Cities”; the
exhibition theme is therefore no coincidence, expressing the context of the quality of life of urban population of any
size, and the need to further elaborate on the topic. The Czech Republic has demonstrated its capacity to become
actively involved in the debates on housing and sustainable development on high political and expert international
levels. For many years ahead, Prague has set the key trends of housing and urban development, and I very much hope
that this exhibition will mark a similar success.

Karla Šlechtová

Minister of Regional Development



Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj ČR / Ministry Of Regional Development Czech Republic

Staroměstské náměstí 6

110 15 Praha 1

Česká republika / Czech Republic



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