The approach implemented in our projects, tends towards an architecture that wants to questioning, critical eye on itself and on society.

The approach begins with a questioning blurring the practices, procedures and turning tools, moving skills, challenging the expertise and constructive habits, playing with the signs of reality, transforming them, transgressing, diverting , recovering to finally find the answer to the question.

The project is thus always the starting point of a specific language that tells a story through a structural coherence where materials, forms, spatiality, specific and collective spaces, details and practices combine in a language making sense with will fit naturally into the home landscape.

In this conceptual approach combining research, development and reality projects

LEAD ARCHITECTURE agency has participated in many competitions of different

scales and starting to reap the fruit of his efforts since won as

an agent, the assistance of the Central School of Casablanca before firms

international reputation.

Redakce AW 2018

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